Skynet Experts: Optimizing Educational Assessment With AI

CIO Vendor The smart learning market size is anticipated to reach $56.5 billion by 2024. Factors driving the growth of this market include the proliferation of connected devices in the education sector, adoption of e-Learning solutions, and growing use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in smart learning.

Educational Assessment is the need of the era, and it is the critical piece of the learning process, as it determines whether or not the course’s learning objectives have been met. Moreover, educational assessments help in having a successful career. According to Technavio’s latest report on education testing and assessment market analysis, the market to register a CAGR of five percent by 2022.

A good career assessment helps candidates increase their self-awareness and understanding of the job market. Most career assessments follow the methodology that a student/candidate needs to understand their interests, aptitudes, values and skills to determine what their real interests are and where exactly they fit in the job market. While recruiting an employee, organizations look for certain skillsets, and the education system helps students develop a certain set of skills. However, identifying the right candidate with the required skillset is a huge challenge today.

This is where Pune based Skynet Experts comes into the picture. As a leading educational assessment company, Skynet Experts provides the most innovative and hi-tech solution to assess today’s graduates for their jobs. Skynet’s AI based online assessment platform helps the company to assess the candidate’s career interest and helps them find the perfect job.

“What makes our platform different from the other assessment platform is the platform is AI, ML, CMM Level-5 with the Six Sigma Black Belt Standards of Quality, and the capability of our online assessment platform to assess more than one million applicants, making our platform robust and scalable,” says Dr. Rajesh Joshi, Chairman & Managing Director of Skynet Experts.

Unique Career Assessment Process
Assessment are an essential part of the recruiting process. The right assessments can lead to higher productivity and results, a more efficient hiring process, reduction in costs associated with turnover, and increased defensibility of the hiring process through the use of an online platform. Skynet Expert’s online assessment platform helps in assessment process right from the selection phase of the candidate till the skilled based recruitment phase. With the help of the career mapping software, the Skynet team analyses the career interest of the candidate and with the help of its training partners, the candidates are trained in their particular area of career interest. Upon the training completion, Skynet team assesses the candidates’ performance on the platform by conducting certain tests. The platform has a huge question bank with random selections of the questions as per the language requested by the candidate, which is a unique feature that none of the other assessment platform possess.

After the completion of this particular assessment, Skynet has corporates lined-up for the interview sessions, wherein the eligible candidates are provided with a corporate test prepared by the organizations. This system helps corporates to recruit their employees in a faster manner and with nominal cost. The main idea behind this assessment process is to retain the candidate in the organizations for a longer period of time, as the candidates are analysed, selected and trained as per their career interest.

Quality Assessment System
The company provides assessment solutions for Boards, universities and skill vocational & regular training, career guidance and certifications as well. Skynet Experts also provides reliable, customised and significantly reduced human effort tech platformbased assessments. It also consists of video queries, images, graph analysis, software tools, precision & speed typing, and speech synthesis. This platform is compatible with specific incorporation of regional languages. Moreover, quality audits are a key part of educational capital markets, and Skynet has set the best quality assessment system in the country.

“We work with leading skill universities, states and competency councils in the sector. Skynet Expert uses latest technological tools and AI based assessment tools to assess the young talents of the country, which will help our clients in selecting the perfect workforce that will act as a business growth catalyst for them,” affirms Rajesh. “Our vision is to build a global
platform and a connected community to guide the students on their journey to achieve their aspirations. We aspire to be a global leader in the field of educational assessment and help today’s generation in shaping their career,” he adds.

Remote Proctoring Solutions
Skynet offers a leading remote proctoring solution. The company partners with educational institutions, colleges, universities, organizations and certification providers to carry-out safe test experiences with high quality. The company also ensures that the test operators comply with all established test integrity and use the best-in-class approach to support test participants throughout the process.

Skynet expert’s online assessment platform helps in assessment process right from the selection phase of the candidate till the skilled based recruitment phase

Potential infringements are detected using Machine Learning algorithms, implemented by the company in its solution. The Remote Proctoring solution records the behavior of the test participants through screenshots, audio or video files. This solution also manages remote candidate disclosure using intelligent photo capture and video sharing, which helps in detecting cheating during online exams. The other products offered by Skynet Experts include Smart Exam Management app, Smart Admission Management app, Smart Aadhar app, Smart Employee and Smart Attendance app.

IIT, IIM & IIT Alumni, With Decades Of Experience In Technology & Education
Skynet Experts is an ISO 9001:2015 company that was established by a team of IIT, IIM and IIT alumni, who have decades of experience in the field of technology, education and training. This team is headed by Dr. Rajesh Joshi, who has 25 years of experience in the IT sector. Rajesh is a PHD holder in IT and operations, Princes 2 Certified, PMP Certified, and has worked for HCL, Microsoft on development of native tools and designed & deployed lots of large scale projects. And for the last ten years, he is into policy designing for the central and state of India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“What makes our platform different from the other assessment platform is the platform is AI, ML, CMM level-5 with the six sigma black belt standards of quality, and the capability of our online assessment platform to assess more than one million applicants, making our platform robust and scalable”

The technology team is headed by Devdatta Sathe, who has 25 years of experience in the Technology field and has worked with top corporates like IBM. The operations are headed by Dr. Rupali Joshi, a Six Sigma black Belt certified with 20 years of operational experience in fortune 100 companies of the world. The international business is handled by Dr. Firoz Syed, highly experienced in the UAE, Gulf and African continent. Skynet is fortunate to have highly qualified and dedicated team of colleagues in the Software development, project management, human resources, finance, Quality, back office and field executives (Assessors and Tech Support for the field assessments).

Records & Achievements
Skynet Experts works with leading MNCs under RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) project and its recruitment partners as well. The company has delivered assessments in automobile, beauty & wellness, construction, retail, hospitality, IT, mining and sales sectors. Skynet Experts has conducted assessments in more than 21 states and has certified 3.5 million candidates across 20 sectors with Sector Skill Councils that comprise Telecom, Sports, Rubber and Domestic Sector Skill Council. On 15 July 2019 (World Youth Skills day), the company set a record in Asia book of records and Indian book of records by evaluating 3000 candidates in a single day.

The Journey Ahead
Currently, Skynet Experts is working closely and rendering services to the state governments of India such as Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Goa. The company is also working closely with the CTEVT and educational ministry of Nepal, TVET of Thailand and its education ministry, TVET of Malaysia and its education ministry, educational ministry of UAE, and educational ministry of Saudi Ariabia. Moving ahead, the company is in plans of expanding its services to several other countries in the African continent.