Oasys Cybernetics: Delivering Secure e-Governance Solutions

New digital technologies emphasizing speed and mobility are revolutionizing the way we live, work and interact with each other. Like never before, governments are experimenting with innovative, technology-enabled service delivery models that are transforming the way they work. Also, major technology trends are providing unprecedented opportunities for governments, enabling them to radically transform their complex bureaucracies to become more agile, citizen centric and innovative.

According to a research report, 90 per cent of the citizens in the United States use websites as the primary method of interacting with the government and 75 per cent prefer to complete government transactions online. E-governance is also seen as a mark of trust and transparency, wherein 67 per cent of the citizens are more likely to trust the government when they are able to interact with it on the internet. Some research also suggests that digitizing and changing government service delivery mechanisms to a digital form could help governments across the globe save USD 1 trillion annually.

Having carved a niche for itself in providing various e-governance solutions, oasys now plans to implement various cutting-edge technology solutions such as data engineering, data mining

E-governance is at its nascent stage in India with strong potential for growth in the future. Government and Public sector organizations in the country are no longer what they were previously. Their horizontal expanse has multiplied unequivocally, so has their dependence on newer technologies to tread these new horizons. The computerization of different departments is happening in different time frames with different vendors having multiple technologies. However, integration of the same towards the validation and compliance for eligibility is a big challenge. Therefore, the only solution is to create a single uniform data source that facilitates the fulfillment of all the stake holders’ requirements seamlessly not only in the quickest possible time online but also in a transparent way.

Acknowledging these challenges and endeavoring to address them, OASYS Cybernetics provides integrated solutions in compliance with the aforementioned requirements. The company has developed integrated solution with integrated database architecture suitable for integration with different departments of the government as and when they are developed. The solution envisages the entire citizen database, which is built into a single source of data base with checks against cyber hacking. It is secure with backup provision, which can be integrated with multiple departments for different purposes with multiple authentications using data engineering, data mining, data analysis to enable online services, mobile and web-based solutions in compliance with different standards and requirements of different schemes of different departments of the same Government.

One of the leading and diversified entities in the country
Headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, OASYS Cybernetics is one of the leading organizations specializing in supporting nation building process through Project Management and System Integration. OASYS Groups is also one of the leading and diversified entities in India with a turnover of INR 2.7 billion a year.

As a CMMI Level 5 company, OASYS Cybernetics has over two decades of experience in Digital technology such as Hardware & Embedded software, IT Product Development & Services, Hardware deployment & Monitoring and O&M with SLA compliances.

“We provide technical services and solutions by partnering with the Government of India. Our services currently touch the lives of over 18 to 20 crores of Indians and our mission is to ensure that every citizen is a part of Digital India,” says K.R. Illangovan, Chairman & Managing Director of OASYS Cybernetics.

“We are unique compared to other vendors with no dependencies towards holistic requirements. We are highly competitive and meet the SLA for the fullest satisfaction of the Government requirements,” he adds.

Leading master System Integrator and Turnkey Solution Provider
As a system integrator, the company has numerous teams with expertise in multiple technology domains. OASYS is also the leading master System Integrator and Turnkey Solution Provider delivering cutting edge technology solutions in various e-Governance, IT, ITeS, Education,
Healthcare and other business verticals. However, 97 per cent of the company’s revenue are from e-Governance business verticals. With the state-of-the-art infrastructure, qualified technical Engineers, certified Project Managers, Architects and highly trained Field Engineers, OASYS serves a diverse clientele with various needs.

Expertise in Hardware, Software & Field Services
Most companies have expertise only in specific domains such as hardware or software or Field services that comprise Installation, Deployment and Maintenance. What makes OASYS stand apart from these companies is its expertise in all three domains, which has increased the success rate of winning the contract with consortium partners and at the same time enabled them to overcome the shortcomings during the execution of the contract. Not just those three, the company also has multiple domain expertise to implement the latest technologies in compliance with market trend and requirement.

Corruption free and transparent election process
OASYS Cybernetics enhances the Digital and Human Capital Support for Election Commission. Working with the Election Commission, OASYS designs and manages the website of the Election Commission, the Electoral Roll Management System (ERMS) and is responsible for Resource Management in all constituencies of Tamil Nadu. This enables the election process to be corruption-free and transparent. The ERMS maintains a database of all voters in Tamil Nadu, thereby helping every individual in exercising his/her right to vote.

Transparent and hassle-free transactions
In supporting the country for food security, OASYS is providing system integration solutions for the governments’ Direct Transfer Benefit Scheme. The company has built a POS device that has been implemented by 5 states and a union territory of India (Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh and Lakshadweep). This POS device enables the fair price shops (Governments Authorized distribution centers) to conduct transparent and hassle-free transactions.

“We are highly competitive and meet the sla for the fullest satisfaction of the government requirements”

OASYS partnered with Union Bank of India to install High Definition LED Displays with external/ internal media player in all their branches. It also partnered with the State Bank of India (SBI) to bring curated promotions and brand content to customers at relevant times throughout their day and reach multiple workplace channels. Another successful implementation by OASYS is the IRIS Scanner for PDS in Telangana in 2019. It has also conducted recruitment hackathon for graduate students.

The Journey Ahead
Striving to be one of the popular e-governance service providers in the country, OASYS is currently serving and executing different e-governance projects in 19 states across the country. The current projects of the company include Public Distribution System (PDS) towards Distribution of ration commodities, Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)for fertilizers, Digital Transformation of Self-Help Groups – NABARD, eShakthi, Hospital Management System for National Health Mission of Tamil Nadu, University Management System for Tamil Nadu Medical University, ERP solution for Co-Optex, Digital signage Solution for Banks and One Stop Solution – services at citizens’ doorstep.

Having carved a niche for itself in providing various e-Governance solutions, OASYS now plans to implement various cutting-edge technology solutions such as data engineering, data mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning with Blockchain technology for its Digital Door Delivery using the OASYS One Stop Solution for self-service as well assisted services on need basis, which will be a game changer in the Indian Digital environment.

“Our OASYS one stop solution will have impact on customers towards delivery of requirements at their door step with quality and cost assurance. Therefore, every individual customer’s time and money will be saved substantially, leading to Lifestyle Improvement Plan (LIP), which compliments every stakeholder that include the government, the citizens of the country, sellers, buyers with terms acceptable as per the market standards,” concludes Illangovan.