Madras Security Printers: Providing Real Time Solutions for Government and Public Sector

CIO Vendor Governments aren’t just adopting new technologies, but many are embracing a “digital first” approach. How do you see the Government and public tech solution market evolving in India?
The Market with regard to government tech has changed drastically during the last 3 years. This has primarily been due to the change in the needs of the Governments. Policy makers and senior executive stake holders in India have been quick realize the changing needs of the citizens and which solutions would be most useful and visible to the people. ICT interventions are being designed keeping this in consideration. Organizations in this space need to look more towards providing value to the key stake holders and to the citizens who are the ultimate beneficiaries. The next generation of projects will focus more on improving citizen service delivery, automation of existing services both digitized and non-digitized and solutions that improve the quality of life for urban and rural landscapes.

What are the major expectations of clients from a Government and public tech solution provider? How do you strategize to meet these expectations?
The major expectation from clients is timely delivery. Given the variables in project execution and the dependencies on various factors from all stake holders, we keep it a priority to ensure timely project execution for all projects taken up by MSP.

How is your company positioned in this segment?
Although MSP as an organization is 40 years old, we look at our self a startup. We look to keep innovating and bringing new technologies to the market. We are positioned in a very strategically as a system integrator to capitalize on opportunities in urban development and we look forward to playing a leadership role in several upcoming IT/ICT initiatives of central and state government.

What are the major factors that differentiate your company from your competitors providing similar solutions?
MSP is well positioned with regards to Implementing Projects in IT/ICT. We have a proven track record of executed projects and credentials. MSP has a well-established technology solutioning and execution practice and we undertake complete execution of projects in-house.

How do your Driving License & Registration certificate solutions help in safer data management? Also elaborate on your various driving license features and Registration certificate features.

Smart Driving Licenses and vehicle registration certificates are instrumental in enforcing the regulations concerning illegal driving, road safety and several other regulations. In addition to the electronic recorded created at the back end, smart driving licenses also have the functionality to biometrical authenticate the holder of the document and maintain the integrity of their entire eco system. We are proud that the government of India has been one of the first governments globally to recognize the benefits of smart cards and implement a nationwide policy and several common technology platforms which enable states to implement smart driving license project. Driving licenses are being used as default proof of ID by citizens of India for several years at airports etc. and have been highly successful in India. Smart vehicle registration certificates and help increase tax revenue, identify stolen vehicles, have a detailed registry of vehicles, monitor tax collection, have a vehicle history, interstate vehicle database connectivity among several other things. It also helps prospective buyers of vehicles to identify if the seller is the true owner of the vehicle.

Please elaborate on your customized solution for NREGS implementation and the EGL Tracker software that enables the user to create and maintain
excise stamp purchase details, supplier details, product details and customer information.

We have implemented a solution for NREGS which has been a tremendous success for the Government. The department has automated the entire process of NREGS right from enrolment to GIS based attendance management, payroll and online payment direct to beneficiary. A dashboard is generated with visualization and various analytics which help decision makers understand the scenarios based on real time data. It is innovative solutions like these that give us an edge and help us to deliver value to our clients.

The increased demand for smart cities, from both developed and developing nations, necessitates the deployment of digital techniques to analyze the road traffic density, especially in mega cities, for effective traffic management and formulating an intelligent transportation system. Video surveillance is one of the most widely adopted technologies by the city authorities for traffic monitoring. With reference to this please elaborate on your City Surveillance system, CCTV cameras and IP based cameras for public safety and adaptive traffic management, transport management and smart parking solutions as well.

We are positioned in a very strategically as a system integrator to capitalize on opportunities in urban development and we look forward to playing a leadership role in several upcoming IT/ICT initiatives of central and state government

MSP provides the complete end-to-end solution for surveillance to cities, municipalities, law enforcement agencies, police, defense and other establishments. We provide integrated solutions which enable authorities to store and retrieve data, smart analytics using artificial intelligence and machine learning which enable decision makers to prevent incidents and to act a deterrent. Intelligent traffic management is a mature technology and is being implemented by several cities and municipal authorities. Given the increasing vehicle density in India, it may be near impossible to authorities to acquire land for road widening in densely populated areas and developed cities. Using Artificial intelligence and a range of sensors, our technology helps to optimize the traffic flow on existing infrastructure to minimize the travel time from Point A to Point B. This can also be extremely useful when we have an emergency scenario. Example: a situation when there is an ambulance carrying a patient and urgently required to reach a hospital. Every minute is precious. Unless the traffic is regulated on an intelligent system it may not be possible to provide the optimal traffic flow on the route of travel which enables the ambulance to reach the hospital on time. Some would consider this life saving technology.

Please explain your MSP Smart cities framework that enables cities to build a city level digital platform that can integrate data from various connected systems from across different departments and functions of the city.

MSP provided an Integrated Centralized solution by means of which cities can view on a single platform various data points in real time. The data may be ranging from CCTV surveillance feeds, data from environmental sensors, traffic violation data etc. The analytics platform provides data in usable form to the decision makers. Based on this business intelligence, stake holders will be able to monitor the entire infrastructure in real time and take decisions in a timely manner. To know more about our solutions please visit