Technify Solutions: Transforming Healthcare Services in Rural Areas

India is witnessing disruptive innovations and digital transformation in the healthcare industry with government bodies harnessing the power of trending technologies to deliver quality healthcare. Through the convergence of technologies, the government has introduced several initiatives catering to the healthcare domain to improve efficiencies and increase the reach across the population at an economical cost. However, rural areas encounter a myriad of access barriers to improved healthcare. Better financed urban healthcare providers have contributed to the decline in rural healthcare delivery system for patients and caregivers alike. Rural areas, accounting for 70 percent of the Indian population, face a chronic lack of primary healthcare facilities. Healthcare is a fundamental necessity but the dearth of standard infrastructure and limited access to medical facilities in rural areas impede availing the care needed. Addressing this challenge and carving a niche for themselves in the healthcare domain predominantly catering to rural areas, New Delhi based Techinfy leverage their deep expertise and comprehensive suite of solutions that is completely reshaping the way health services are delivered. Founded in 2011, the company has assisted the government to modernize their programs to meet the needs of IT enablement in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and other state and central government agencies.

Re-imagining Healthcare
Aware of the fact that most healthcare infrastructures including medical specialists and doctors are concentrated in urban areas, the highly skilled team carried out Proof of Concept(POC)with a 28 years old Medical College and Hospital with a 600 bed facility in the rural area of Bihar. This project simplified the daily needs of 1200 rural patients per day accounting for four lakh patients per year with electronic medical records. It was acknowledged as having given the first IT enabled Medical College and Hospital in a completely rural area.

Gaining a strong foothold in this domain, the company executed the Digital Mission Mode Project an ambitious project under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, enabling them to monitor the faculty members across more than 500 Medical Colleges in India. This fool proof system which is authenticated by AADHAR made the revolutionary change in attendance monitoring and put the full stop in ghost faculty. Techinfy developed the entire process of Medical Council of India and integrated with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This led to better transparency, speedy decisions and eventually improved the education level in the Medical field. Usually this kind of mammoth project in which entire length and breadth of the country need to be covered take years, but the team executed this project in the record shattering time of eight months, “We will be touching each and every doctor practicing medicine in India. So far there is no such record of doctors in India. The project would eventually have positive impact in the lives of 1.3 billion Indian citizens through Efficient Complaint and Grievance Redressal Mechanism,” informs a very enthusiastic Hans Raj, Group Head of Techinfy. The company was awarded as the "System Integrator of the year 2017” at IT Healthcare India Summit.

Improving the Quality of Service Delivery and Patient Engagement
A fast-paced contributor in the Education and Healthcare domain, Techinfy has changed the course of history in the medical education sector and currently the team is working towards bringing every stakeholder of medical field in a single platform. Striving towards bringing a paradigm shift in the processes followed in medical institutions, the completion of the project will lead to each and every doctor of the nation possessing a unique identification. “With this unique ID doctors can ride over state barriers. This identification will not only help the state and the nation in identifying the number of doctors spread over different geographies but also brings them under one umbrella,” explains Hans Raj. This assemblage of trained medical practitioners onto a common platform can be simultaneously utilized to be effectively deployed in times of crisis when there may be an urgent requirement for medical attention.

Techinfy facilitates the healthcare industry right from optimizing the revenue to improving care delivery. With a proven track record, the company assists clients with a broad spectrum of offerings such as Hospital Management System, Health Analytics, Tele Radiology, Patient-centred Care Management and Tele Medicine. Techinfy with its team of technically adept professionals offers a blend of industry knowledge and advanced technologies to deliver leading- edge and end-to-end solutions to its customers.
"We bring domain expertise around AI, robotics, smart bots, machine learning, analytics and natural language processing to help customers transform their business"

Offering Impenetrable Security
Through their warranted system integration capabilities, the company assists its customers around digital transformation to seamlessly integrate their products and technology thereby driving better business value and meeting business goals. With high levels of customer acquisition and retention, Techinfy owes their success to the perfect amalgam of process capabilities and deep market intelligence that drives agility, customer centricity and formulates a data-defined digital transformation strategy. Hans Raj elaborates, “We bring domain expertise around AI, robotics, smart bots, machine learning, analytics and natural language processing to help customers transform their business. In doing so, we help customers better align their business priorities with the outcomes.”

Hans Raj, Group Head

Fully aware of client’s inhibitions towards adopting such solution owing it to the rise in data breaches, Techinfy with their all-encompassing suite of security services assesses the security levels of the applications and takes the necessary steps to improve them. Treating security as one of the topmost priorities, the team adheres to a set of methods that focus extensively on securing the clients assets in the present day and in the future as well by merging cutting-edge technology and preventative methods. Some of the offerings by Techinfy include Application Security Testing, Open Source Software Analysis which is offered as a solution to the growing challenge of effective OSS(Operations Support System) management and risk mitigation, Web Application Firewall and Distributed Denial of Service Protection that protects one’s business from disruptions that are caused by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Hans Raj adds, “Techinfy's government-focused offerings improve e-Governance services in the area of citizen services, compliance and monitoring, security and surveillance.”

Digitalizing University Education
Envisaging continual improvement of the education system in the rural areas,the company recently initiated an inspiring project,the very first one in Bihar, with the team working on digitalizing more than 200 rural colleges under the Digital University Project. With a vision to bring about a change in the less fortunate areas of India, Hans Raj signs off on a positive note,“I founded the organization with an aim to amalgamate benefits of IT to increase the health and education expanse and bring around the multitude of improvements especially in rural and backward areas where there is absence of corporate giants and government infrastructure.”

Propelling The Digital India Initiative
India has a larger healthcare system than some of its peers across The world. Fully integrated healthcare information technology Is increasingly being viewed as an imperative lever for enhancing The quality, safety and efficiency of the health system. The Government has launched several initiatives, with digital india Being the topmost plan to allow citizens to avail themselves Of the required healthcare with the implementation of digital Healthcare technologies. Coming to the fore is techinfy with their Team of experts assisting the government in their digital india Initiatives in key areas such as mobile solutions and big data. The Company extends their novel services in effectively leveraging key Technologies such as cloud computing to support transformation Programs.

Adopting a strong ‘design in india’ and ‘make in india’ approach, the Team dedicates their expertise and services to working closely with Various government bodies and helping them developa modern it Enabled framework of governance. Maintaining the position of a Leading solutions provider in the e-governance realm, the company Has built a robust delivery framework expanding the network of Service centers and workforce across rural pockets and major Urban centers in india.