Prosix Infotech: Enabling Effective Implementation of E-Governance Initiatives

The government is under obligation to render its services smoothly and timely under e- governance initiative. However designing and implementing the e-model successfully in government sector has been challenging. The E-Governance sector across country is still in a nascent stage. Understanding the roadblocks and devising the efficient system is the need of the time. Prosix Infotech, positioned as E-governance solution provider for over twenty five years now, understands the challenges and needs of the sector. Talking about the positioning of company in this domain, D.K. Agarwal, Director of Technology, Prosix Infotech says, “We understand that the Implementation part is more difficult than software development part in Government Projects.” Developing a solution from its rich work experience, the company has oriented its services more towards the implementation part. Agarwal mentions, “We assign a good ratio of budget to implementation.”

D.K.Agarwal, Director of Technology

The company has worked for central and state governments across many departments like horticulture, forests, financial institutions, child nutrition, public construction works and public utilities. A software vendor for e-governance needs to ensure overall value proposition of the application to be successfully implemented. Talking about the requisition for successful implementation of E-governance model, Agarwal mentions, “Unless the solution adds value to all the stakeholders, its adoption is not guaranteed.”
Prosix Infotech has implemented PMKSY (Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichayee Yojna) in three states. The solution allows farmers to apply online for installation of microirrigation equipments in the farm. The entire process from application sanction to transfer of subsidy is completely online. The process involves equipment suppliers, district horticulture officer and directorate officials. Data of beneficiaries is transferred to Govt. of India portal. Talking about the efficiency in transferring of subsidy to beneficiaries and record management under E-governance model, Agarwal says, “Our PMKSY solution cuts down the process time by half, thus adding value for equipment supplier, department as well as farmer.” Along with end citizens and departments, E-governance process facilitates governments too. It ensures the prevention of double payment to single beneficiary, thus saving the government’s money.

"We understand that the implementation part is more difficult than Software development part in Government Projects"

Along with ease of transaction, Prosix Infotech manages real time monitoring, cuts down cost and reduces expenditure on government projects. “Our solutions are value for money to clients,” says Agarwal. Explaining the company’s ‘ProjectVision’ solution for construction sector, he says, “Our construction monitoring solution helps the government with real time monitoring of construction progress. It cuts down wasteful expenditure and ensures on-time delivery.”

Data security being one of the crucial aspects, a solution provider needs to address security standards stringently. In Prosix solutions the company ensures that all important transactions incorporate the concept of ‘maker’ and ‘checker’. Transactions and computations are locked periodically along with audit trails of sensitive data. The company gives minimal rights to database administrators on viewing or modification of data. The solution also entails alerts and warnings against any breach of integrity taking place in the system.

For its future endeavor, Prosix Infotech aims to strengthen its software solutions dedicated mainly to government organizations.