MapmyIndia: Enabling Smart Governance through Geospatial Data

India’s urban space is getting increasingly populated. The existing legacy city infrastructure is failing to address complex and overriding problems of transportation, streets amenities, and waste management. City governments are in need to correctly identify and address the issues of legacy infrastructure to successfully conceptualize and implement smart city model. With over 22 years of continuous efforts in the core area of making maps, the company has grown its prowess with cutting-edge location technology, specifically in the areas of Navigation, Tracking, IoT and Analytics. MapmyIndia has 5000+ Enterprises and 5mn+ consumers that use and benefit from its services. Its clientele includes some of the most valuable technology companies in the world, the Indian government and the largest business conglomerates in India. The company has built its proprietary map dataset for all India.

“We wish to help the Indian smart governance ecosystem which comprises smart cities, transportation and smart governance. Maps and Location IoT plays an important role in all smart city systems like command& critical intelligent planning, traffic solutions, Street light management &Solid waste management,” says Sapna Ahuja, COO, MapmyIndia.

"We wish to help the Indian smart governance ecosystem which comprises smart cities, transportation and smart governance"

The company provides granular house level geospatial data of Indian terrain. Through its data services it provides vehicle tracking and monitoring of public transportation on city roads. The company deploys data services according to client’s needs. Keeping up with technological advancements and cost-effective solutions, the company offers its cloud services for map. It also offers on-premise solutions for clients who need entire solution deployed in their own data centre. “We provide private cloud solutions which can help governments work with our appliances within their secure environments,” informs Sapna.

MapmyIndia started its venture under ‘Make in India’ initiative and features to be India's largest maps and location technology company.
Its data services and software have been provided to government agencies across centre, state and city in their private environment.

Sapna Ahuja, Director

As transportation problem is one of the major bottlenecks in the way of smooth delivery of public services, MapmyIndia offers tools for vehicle tracking. The service provides government agencies with important information about traffic congestion on road, updates about road conditions and other road amenities. This comprehensive database is expected to bring in more efficiency, accountability and transparency in the governance. Speaking on this Sapna elaborates, “Other than bringing enhanced transparency on the availability and location of buses for daily needs, the solution can also help in calamities. In situations like floods and other disasters Govt. can broadcast information about the blocked and functional roads to mitigate the effects of disaster and facilitate relief works for citizens.”

The company offers its flagship application called ‘one map app’ to better facilitate the citizens to raise and pinpoint their complaints on map. Sapna says, “Through our flagship app now citizens can tag about power outage, street light issue on their exact location and it will be sent directly to the concerned government authority.”

For the future technological developments in its software services, company envisions working on to solve the unstructured address system issue with Digital Addressing system called eLocation. The vision is to move from 2D/3D maps based solutions to a real time Digital Twin of the country.