In22Labs: Enabling Analysis, Validation, and Prediction of Outcomes of Schemes

Evolving from Web 1.0 where websites delivered information to passive users to Web 2.0 where websites and application portals enabled users to interact actively, e-governance has come a long way. However, with the emergence of Web 2.0 which required governments to collect and store information, there was a massive increase in data. Fast forward to present day, at the dawn of Web 3.0, government bodies are now looking to harness and interpret this data to predict outcomes a.k.a. predictive modeling to help them in decision and policy making for various welfare schemes. Helping governments out on this front is solutions provider In22Labs. What strongly distinguishes this Chennai based company is its notable experience across various government departments in India that has empoweredIn22Labs with cross-sector expertise and global insights that help government departments champion the integration between e-governance and the digital world.

Muthukumar Murthy, Director
Muthukumar Arumugam, Director

Leveraging its partnership with SAS, the company provides both government departments and corporate with end to end Data Analytics and Dashboard solutions. The solution plays a vital role in enabling governments to make sense of data collected from diverse sources. The Data Analytics and Dashboard solution analyzes and validates the data while continuously monitoring the various
schemes and programs implemented for citizens. In22Labs’ Data Analytics and Dashboard solution helps the government to have a multi dimensional approach, where in an instance, the solution helped a government department to identify the reason, which was unavailability of transport facilities on a particular village.

"We understand Digital Governance, as more of a social science, rather than a technology"

Additionally, the company has also developed their proprietary solutions such as LMS Suite, Social Welfare Suite and more. Designed keeping the various requirements of government bodies in view, these plug and play products enable clients to gain a 360 view of various areas that need attention. Divulging deeper into the company, Muthukumar, Director- In22Labs shares, “We understand Digital Governance, as more of a social science, rather than a technology. As technology consultants, we understand that running software, hardware, and technology services for government solutions require long-term vision, thorough ground-level knowledge of the government systems, strong understanding of public infrastructure and adaptability for change.” At the heart of the solutions delivered by In22Labs lies the design thinking approach, working with which the team maps the requirements of the significantly reducing the pain points and improving user experience required to derive the necessary information. The end result is a robust product that boasts of enhanced user experience.

With solutions that touch 50 million users daily, In22Labs ensures that they undergo multiple security audits and comply with Indian and European standards and are certified with ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015. The company has also created a niche consulting team for blockchain adoption in Education and Healthcare where they have also started piloting with a client. In22Labs is also steadily expanding their delivery capabilities to South East Asia where E-governance and Analytics has been gaining great momentum.