Dure Technologies Pvt Ltd: Delivering Accurate Real-time Data Applications for Healthcare Programs

With humongous amount of healthcare data residing across multiple government and private organizations, the quality, authenticity and accuracy of this data is highly debatable. Besides, availability of data in real-time which is critical for timely action and proper assessment of public healthcare programs remains a challenge. Added with the fact that a large number of citizens, the primary beneficiaries of these program, do not actively share their Experiences deters all opportunities for improving the quality of services and driving accountability and transparency in the segment.

Vipin Yadav, Founding CEO

Responding to the aforementioned challenges, Switzerland based Dure Technologies, with offices in Mumbai and Delhi, has directed its efforts on developing innovative technology solutions that facilitate various stakeholders with 360-degree monitoring and evaluation of public health programs. Headed by Vipin Yadav as the Founding CEO,
Dure Technologies has designed a suite of technology solutions to increase the coverage of services and ensure the achievement of disease specific interventions and strategies. One such product is iVizard, an impact assessment and data visualization system. Targeted at funding agencies such as Governments, Trusts and Foundations,the solution assesses the impact of investments and funds provided on public programs while monitoring their outcomes. Interactive data analysis/visualization, location-based and time-based multi-dimensional analysis with drill-down to the lowest level are amongst some of the features of iVizard.

Another product to the list of Dure’s technology solutions is iMonitor+ Program. A real-time evidence based program management system, the iMonitor+ Program helps healthcare workers in field monitor and evaluate programs by capturing data through mobile devices and web
portals. The solution brings in the ability to process data, perform indicator based program assessment, and generate alerts and notification for any deviation along with updates on workflow. The firm also delivers a community engagement and empowerment system iMonitor+. Targeted at the beneficiaries of the program i.e. the citizens, the mobile app helps users communicate and collaborate amongst themselves and raise service requests and report issues for timely action by the communities and programs. Users are empowered to deliver feedback on the quality of services, send SOS messages, identify healthcare facilities nearby and get knowledgeable on health related issues.

"Dure Technologies has successfully executed over 100projects for more than 35 clients including UN Organizations and WHO across 25 countries"

When it comes to data security and clients’ privacy, Dure Technologies has developed all its solutions to maintain complete patient anonymity. The firm has also implemented secure Unique Identification Code which does not require users’ personal data in any form. The security architecture is further strengthened by 128-bit encryption and is compliant with national and global standards. For hosting servers and data, Dure Technologies offers customers the flexibility to host systems on their own or Government approved on premise or cloud infrastructure. Clients also have the option of hosting on Dure Technologies cloud infrastructure in India or globally.

A pivotal force behind driving a number of healthcare initiatives in India and abroad, Dure Technologies has successfully executed over 100 projects for more than 35 clients including UN Organizations and WHO across 25 countries. In India, Dure Technologies has implemeted various projects for Ministry of Health, NISG, WHO India, Reckitt& Benckiser, PATH, Jagran Pehel and many more for programs in public health and sanitation.

The firm plans to continue focusing on the public health segment and further expand its operations to other social impact segments like Sanitation, Education, Environment, Smart Cities and Agriculture programs, to enhance the efficiency of the social impact programs and make them highly effective.