Astrit: Enabling International Enterprises to Export to India Market

CIO Vendor In the global market, every enterprise needs to follow international standards of quality, trade, and communication for ensuring good terms with their consumers or dealers in foreign nations. Effective global trade management is critical to enabling a company’s global supply chain. With today’s increasing trade complexities and enforcement of trade policies, staying current has never been more challenging or important. Furthermore, the international enterprises that would want to export their services to the Indian market are looking for research and advisory companies that would not only assist them in navigating the market but also companies that would create an integrated and conducive plat-form for international businesses.

This is where Kolkata-based Astrit comes in. As a research and advisory company rendering services to international public and private enterprises that are looking to export their services to the Indian market, Astrit assists potential clients to navigate the Indian market and specific sectors, depending on their awareness and interest in a specific industry.
Awareness of regional synergies or industry-specific development is particularly important in the space that Astrit operates in, as the Eastern region is relatively unknown to international markets. Dynamic environmental and economic changes require firms and decision-makers to make informed strategic choices while venturing into new markets and therefore the objective of market research is to assess the feasibility and viability of the company’s products or idea aiming to expand in new regions.

Astrit’s services cater to mainly three broad areas of client expectations, firstly strategies, and insights to facilitate International Business expansion plans, secondly, operationalize projects on the ground level, post research, and feasibility analysis, to ensure that projects are man¬aged in an efficient and timely manner, and finally, collaborate with international firms to provide integrated training to mid-tier professionals for seamless execution of potential projects and to harness cross-cultural and industry collaboration. Focusing on the feasibility of exporting opportunity.

Focusing on the feasibility of exporting opportu­nity
The ‘India Economic Strategy to 2035’, a bilateral strategic report com­missioned by the Australian government, emphasized the need for Australian busi­nesses to recognize
new opportunities and forge new alliances in a bid to morph the existing economic and socio-cultural relationship into a matured, constructive and purposeful partnership with India during recent times. Aligned with the ob­jectives of the “India Economic Strategy to 2035” and identifying an opportunity to translate years of Australian education and experience into the Indian cultural and business ethos, Astrit was established as a strategic conduit for both govern­ments and non-government entities to advance the bilateral trade between India and Australia.

Integrated services, In-house expertise & strategic alliances
Astrit’s integrated services such as supply chain and logistics management; project and risk management are incorporated at a mature stage of business engagement and closure. Astrit’s in-house expertise and strategic alliances with various aca­demic and industry experts enable the company to customize and cater to the training needs and skill advancement of start-ups and upcoming businesses. In­tegrated management training drawing upon inter-disciplinary concepts, such as the Biotech and Analytics or Security Policies in Port management has been a focus in Astrit’s academia – industry re­search collaborations.

A key differentiator of the company is a focus on exporting services, to In­dia in which Australia has a competitive advantage and sourcing new sectors for collaboration within the bilateral space. In order to drive the relationship be­tween India and Australia from ‘potential to delivery’, Astrit assumes a first-mover advantage, leading the way for future Australian firms to establish their base in India, in the Eastern region. Astrit has chosen Kolkata as the preferred location for the Indian operations owing to the compelling advantages it offers.

As one of the few companies in the Eastern region with a primary focus on the Australian-Indian bilateral trade, As­trit recognizes the importance of provid­ing industry insights to Australian and other enterprises looking to explore and export their services to the Indian market.

“We are aware that businesses and educational institutions around the world are in a strong position to supply some of India’s growth sectors and therefore have strategically positioned our brand as a conduit to foster Socio-Economic and Technological exchange,” says Aparajita Banerjee, Founder & CEO. “Astrit is also uniquely positioned to capitalize on Aus­tralian services and export opportunities in the various sectors of an evolving In­dian economy,” she adds.

The Vision
Astrit’s vision has been to “collaborate with new markets, create new opportu­nities and connect new ideas”. Future growth prospects are projected to be strong for countries and companies that have skin in the game in the “knowledge economy”, and Astrit aims to gradually navigate through these disruptive times and capitalize on its international net­works, academia-industry connect and integrated training to foster a culture of knowledge exchange across geographical boundaries.