TLGS Consulting Group: Revolutionizing The Engagement With Government & Public Sector

CIO Vendor There is no doubt that the government has made massive efforts to improve its digital infrastructure, automated processes and operations towards outreach and seamless communication. And in many cases, it has also simplified the regulatory and compliance matrix. However, with the changing landscape, the practical problems continue to persist due to the scale and complexities of government/PSUs’ operations. Vital information, circulars, RFPs, EOIs, advertisements, notifications, among others not uploaded or unavailable on the Government portals and also not accessible online or offline through any other means has been a major problem. Hence, most of the experiences of many entrepreneurs as well as startups with the government/PSU sector have highlighted many important concerns about transparency, internal governance, and access to information. However, for any business to sustain, grow and reach the next level of growth, close association, and partnership with the Government and PSU sector is indispensable.

Having understood the aforementioned challenges, TLGS as a consulting firm is perfectly positioned and capable of resolving these complexities by advising and supporting the businesses to continue on their growth trajectory. TLGS’ mission is to recreate and reinvent the strategic platform for industry contribution in India’s mainstream economy. To realize this goal, a very diverse, seasoned, extraordinary and technically advanced team of former government bureaucrats, technocrats, judges, statisticians and economists joined hands with entrepreneurs, technology capitalists, scientists, industry leaders and young innovative minds to create this group. Being situated in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, their geographical proximity to all the important Central Government Offices and PSUs is another attribute unique to this Consulting Firm.

“During our interactions with many promoters, entrepreneurs and business managers, we have generally found them to be very apprehensive of the methodology and mechanism through which the RPFs and tenders are finalized. Many of our clients feel that sometimes tenders are framed for a single entity to succeed, and meticulously worded to oust competition. So, what we have found is a general lack of trust and the feeling in the market that business transactions with the Government and PSU sector tend to be highly opaque where a level playing field is missing. We at TLGS have worked tirelessly in the past few years with our clients and have been successful in reposing their trust back in the system, helping them march ahead without any apprehensions,” explains Karan Garg, Founder & Managing Director At TLGS.

“Government bodies and PSUs are also highly regulated and controlled entities. Now with a catena of independent watchdogs in place, transparency & accountability in government
transactions is at an all time high. Government organizations and PSUs are also looking for meritorious and capable industries to collaborate with them in new projects in India and abroad. Understanding this, TLGS offers a positive frame of mind with inherent capabilities and systemic knowledge to position our client as the best pick while maintaining absolute integrity, accountability and transparency. We are providing services in government/PSU tenders, MOUs, collaborations, Consortium Building, Project Management Consulting, transfer of technology, technology consulting, disinvestment of PSUs and SCM, coupled with our Legal and Regulatory practices that support the realization of sustainable growth for our clients,” he adds.

TLGS Have Worked Tirelessly In The Past Few Years With Our Clients And Have Been Successful In Reposing Their Trust Back In The System, Helping Them March Ahead Without Any Apprehensions

Create Your Own Subscription Model!
For the past six months, TLGS’ team has spent a lot of time and has given deep thought to make the services accessible and affordable by SMEs and even by startups. They have come up with easy-on-pocket business models by offering very low price plans wherein, a lot of the services can be clustered together and can be chosen by the business as per their necessity. The consulting firm is in the midst of digitizing its service platform and shortly all these services will be offered online with a ‘Create Your Own Subscription’ model that will enable a complete customization of services. It is needless to say that for startups, it is highly important to forge and foster associations with Government and PSUs in order to realize their true potential. For this purpose, TLGS has created a robust ecosystem of fairness, trust, affordability, diversification and sustainability in its long term engagement models.

Keeping The Ecosystem Transparent, Accountable, Accessible And Inclusive
TLGS is a multi-disciplinary firm with the vision of creating more wealth for the Indian economy and the businesses while keeping the ecosystem transparent, accountable, accessible and inclusive. While closely working with many businesses from India and abroad, the firm has realized the fear which grips the mind of entrepreneurs while deciding to do business with the Government. This is on account of some assumptions and presumptions in the market due to lack of precise information and clarity. During their meetings and discussions on both sides, with the businesses as well as the government, they have realized the basic tenets and indispensable practices to make their association work effectively and to create a level playing field. Their practices such as Legal, Regulatory, Business Consulting, Technology Consulting, as well as Enforcement & Investigation Practices, are some vital pillars. “We offer our allied services as part of the Government & PSU Sector Consulting to create an end-to-end service model which actually encourages business owners to go ahead and forge partnerships with a positive outlook and peace of mind,” concludes Karan.